Best Cordless Angle Grinder Reviews 2021

Angle grinder

Cordless angle drivers are indeed useful power tools. You can even use them to grind, cut, file, and sharpen, and their movability allows you to use them anywhere you want. However, the advanced technology that generates the batteries that work these devices is just now getting perfect enough to compete with corded units. Moreover, there is a vast number of underpowered brands for sale, and finding fantastic products amid all the bad can be a challenge.

However, angle grinders are one of the vital power tools for any homeowner, professional contractor or even handyman. They are just perfect for grinding and cutting off excess material at lightning speeds. So stick to us to learn more about the best cordless angle grinders and analyze seriously which cordless grinder is suitable for your future needs 

So have a look and select the one which suits you and your pocket the most.

1) NoCry 20V 4 1/2”

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If you are searching for a flawless angle grinder that can saw sand and grind metal, cut, wood, or even concrete, and stone, then you need to try NoCry 20V 4 1/2″ Cordless Angle Grinder since it is one of the best angle grinders available in the market. It will completely suit you if you are a construction worker, craftsman, welder, or plumber. 

It is indeed a very powerful as its speed is up to 10,000 rpm, and also consists has a kit that includes 1x grinder tool, Moreover, with 2x four 1/2-inch protective disc guard shields, you will also discover that it also comes with one adjustable handle, which has nut wrench, battery, a carrying case and even a fast charger


– strong lithium-ion battery, 

– comes with a brushed motor with 10,000 rpm. 

– comfortable to use for extended periods

– weight is 9.66 pounds

– comes with great fit wheels and attachments


– heavy

– expensive

2) Milwaukee 2680-20 M18

It will be wise to choose Milwaukee 2680-20 M18 Cordless Grinder because it gives you a great aptitude to cut through metals, PVC pipe, or even sharpen tools, and you will also observe that it is the highest quality power grinders available in the market, which you can be used for industrial applications as well

It contains some fantastic features which will make it easy for you to use it on a variety of various job sites, special thanks to its powerful motor since it drives the wheel up to 10,000 RPM, that is something so significant for all people who only depends on grinders at their work and shop. They will also relish its rubber-textured handle with a 3-position plastic handle which will make you have a control on it in an absolutely perfect way.


– easy for you to enable this grinder works effortlessly because of its comfortable paddle switch

– guard of this grinder is easily adjustable,

– weight is 1 pound

– works with M18 18v lithium-ion Milwaukee batteries.


– not suitable for more extensive and challenging jobs

– battery doesn’t last for a long time

3) Makita XAG04Z 18V

This tool is well-known for its unique and fantastic design, which will make you work form this very smoothly and grinding perfectly. You will discover that it is the ideal angle grinder for rough cutting, and you can purchase it at very affordable prices as compared with the other angle grinders on the market. While taking customers survey and believe me, we get very positive feedback. Many people even said that it is one of the most prevalent angle grinders on the market because of its exclusive features and its great extra ability to work for a longer run time without even stopping.


– Very light in weight

– powered by 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style batteries.

– comes with Star protection computer controls


– battery isn’t included in the kit, so you need to buy one separately.

– Great for quick cuts only

4) Makita XAG09Z Lithium-Ion Brushless Cordless

If you are to deal in the construction department, then this is undoubtedly the thing for you as it makes screwing and unscrewing cooler thus improving the speed and efficiency of the user. As it is completely portable tool, so it gives you enough qualities to justify its high price, so it is taken as one of the best tools that you can have if you are scheduling on expanding your arsenal of tools. The great thing is that you don’t need to have any expertise to use this tool because it works on a simple principle so you should be thankful for its influential battery and its ergonomic design for improved ease.


– weight is 5.7 pounds.

– has a built-in LED

– battery can live for a very long time

– well-known for its electric brake that stops the wheel in only about 2 seconds or even less when releasing the switch.

– can use it in hard jobs


– little bit heavy

– You will need to buy its battery separately

– Expensive

5) Ryobi ZRP421 Angle Grinder

It is indeed a budget-friendly tool on the market if you compare it with the other grinders. You should not be worried about its performance as Ryobi is a well-known brand which is famous for its ever-expanding line of cordless power tools that you will never find at any other place.

This tool is no more different from Ryobi’s other devices and is very versatile rendering to its low price and size, so you will observe that it is not just suitable but perfect for all the house’s works that you need to finish them rapidly without needing any assistance. Moreover, you can also use it in a professional environment as you wish, and you will realize that you can use it without needing much experience.


– can collaborate with all Ryobi 18-volt plus one battery and its charger.

– portable and has easy adjustments.

– includes a grinding wheel and also a 3-position side handle

– very versatile


– noisy

– no battery included

– not powerful enough

– won’t work for heavy jobs

6) KIMO – Brushless Cordless Angle Grinder

KIMO is manufacturing the power tools for 25 years, and it is something that you should consider. Kimo angle grinder has a fantastic brushless copper motor that delivers 9000 RPM of no-load speed. Only because of its brushless motor, any process that you perform becomes even, and you know what you can enjoy 53.5% longer run time than any other outdated engine. 

Its powerful lithium-ion battery won’t wear out in just a few charges. Moreover, its battery is one of the most durable batteries that give 1000 charge cycles and 33% more capacity over its standard battery packs. One more impressive feature which contributes to the longevity of this powered tool is cast metal protective wheel guard that protects the internal component from dust and debris.


– Battery charges in an hour

– Optimized ventilation system

– Powerful 20-volt brushless motor

– Ideal for heavy-duty process


– We didn’t see any cons yet


DeWalt is another name that never disappoints its customers, and this is a battery-operated angle grinder. It comes with a 20-volt brushless motor which makes maintenance easier for the user and you don’t have to change the motor brushes as Its powerful brushless motor gives 57% more runt time than any other ordinary brushed motors. Besides this, it provides the superior speed of 9000 RPM, which is simply outstanding.

Since it is a small-size angle grinder, so it contains 4.5 inches of wheel disc diameter which is protected by a metal gear case guard and is entirely adjustable. You just have to push the guard only once to accommodate it to your required position. In short, DEWALT DCG413B angle grinder is relatively light in weight and compact, and that’s why one can call it one of the best portable angle grinders.


– Blade brake engage the system

– Rubberized handle grip

– Durable and long-lasting

– Safe to use


– Charger and battery need to be bought separately

8) POPOMAN – Cordless Angle Grinder

Popoman is a new player in the field of power tools but trusts me they have some fantastic power tools of immense quality. POPOMAN cordless angle grinder includes a 20 V of the brushless motor that abolishes the need for changes brushes regularly. This 20 V of the powerful motor gives 850 Watt of maximum output with 10,000 RPM of no-load speed. 

It has three different positions rubberized handle that is just perfect to be used by a left or even a right-hand user. You can quickly connect this soft rubber grip handle is either on the top of the tool or even on the right or left side of the device. The worth stating point here is, POPOMAN angle grinder has a two-stage safety trigger that requires two actions to activate the device.

Moreover, for the protection and safety of its internal mechanisms, it features a perfect heat dissipation unit. This unit upholds the internal temperature of an angle grinder and does not let it overheat.


– Ideal for 4.5 inches and 5 inches of grinding accessories

– gives an incredible performance.

– Heat dissipation unit saves the motor from burning


– New in the market so difficult to trust


Next, we have another tremendous portable angle grinder which is from the banner of Porter-cable and even is specialized in manufacturing best power tools and related accessories. It is the most-wanted power tool that gives you the liberty to take your angle grinder wherever you want, as it does not have any wire to jumble in your feet.

It possesses an influential and durable 20V motor which is motorized by a lithium-ion battery. This deadly combo of motor and battery gives outstanding speed to the angle grinder that its wheel alternates with the speed of 8500 RPM, which means it is perfect for aggressive grinding and cutting. Porter-cable cordless angle grinder also comes with three-position side handles, which enables you to install it in your anticipated position so that you can work more contentedly. For added comfort, the handle consists of rubberized grip, which makes it easier for the user to grab the device conveniently for hours.


– Powerful 20 v motor

– Fast charging technology

– Maneuver and easy to use

– Long-lasting and durable


– Battery is difficult to find internationally

10) Skil AG2907-1A

AG2907 features an outstanding and powerful motor of 20V. The motor is brushless, which means you want to deal with the damaged brushes as there is no such stuff in the motor of Skil cordless angle grinder. Because of these motors, the tool life rises, and you can easily cut and grind through a variety of metals without any anxiety of damage. PWR CORE 20 lithium-ion battery is a super great technology as it wraps every cell with amazing cooling material to keep the battery powered on for 25% longer time run. 

This cordless tool has a dual function lock switch. This switch is a beautiful addition to the device as it avoids accidental start-up and locks on throughout prolonged operation which means you can fearlessly use this angle grinder tool for extended cutting and grinding purposes. You will be very amazed to know that it needs only five minutes to juice up. And all credits go to its PWR JUMP charger. Its charger can charge a completely depleted battery to 25% capacity within just 5 minutes.


– Safe and efficient to use

– Tool-free guard


– Bit heavy tool

Buying Guide

This part of the guide includes a comprehensive buying guide that will definitely help serious buyers that are looking for the best utilization for their money. We will highlight some essential factors of cordless angle driver, through which you can judge any driver if you are not at all satisfied with our reviews of products.  

 Let us look at some of the most important things to take into the account before purchasing your suitable cordless angle grinder.


The battery is considered as the heart of the cordless angle grinder, so this should be your primary focus. Coming long way over the last few years, Lithium-Ion battery is finally equipped enough to be taken seriously into consideration as a source of energy for a power tool. In many cases, you might have to buy an extra battery and its charger separately, which no doubt is very expensive. Still, the good thing is if you select a line of tools to stick with, like DeWalt or Makita, you can easily reuse the same batteries for your whole line of devices. We suggest you stick to the lithium-ion batteries between 18 and 20 volts; otherwise, you will run out of power quickly.


Generally, there are two types of cordless motors available in the market which are brushed or brushless motors. Specifically, the brushless motor has made many cordless tools much more influential while using less energy, resulting in extended battery life. Having brushless motors give you the edge of less or no friction, thus runs a lot cooler and generally last for a longer time than brushed motors. 

However, the unfortunate thing is that the brushless motors do not yet are widely used in the Lithium-ion battery, so you will need to check the packing to see if a model that you are interested in has a brushless motor.


Weight is another crucial factor that can alter your experience of using any product. There is no doubt that more weight or heavy tools will cause fatigue to set in much quicker than a lighter device, causing your hands to get tired and cramp. It can be very challenging to control or manoeuvre, leading to accidents. Don’t forget that battery also weights so you will need to try out a few tools in the market to see what is more comfortable and convenient for you.

Disk Size

Lastly, a disk size is also something that you should take into account. The size of the grinding disk or blade will determine the size of the job you can complete. Small size disk is for precision grinding, while the more oversized discs are for large surfaces. Mostly wheels of these tools are 4 ½ inches, which is around the largest size the motor can easily spin. It is big enough for most jobs around the house, and we also know a lot of professionals that use these wheels regularly, but still, you may find larger wheels on corded grinders if you really need them.


When acquiring a cordless angle grinder, we strongly recommend pickup up at least one additional battery to have as a backup. Two extra batteries are probably much better as grinding can take some time. If you previously have battery-powered power tools, you will probably try or attempt to get the same brand.

We really hope that you have enjoyed reading over these analyses and found a brand that suits you and indeed has helped you make a new addition to your workshop tools.

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