5 Small Cordless Drills/Screwdrivers Reviews in 2021

Small and compact cordless screwdrivers are varsatile, inexpensive, and straightforward to use, and believe me, and you can never predict or assume when you might find a situation around you that seriously demands or requires a screwdriver. We completely understand that any out-dated drill or screwdriver will get your task done in just a couple of minutes. Still, at the same time, not every user of these cordless tools needs to get the same result out of their screwdriver, as professionals will demand more from their devices than any housewife.
However, at times this strength and greatness may be somewhat annoying. Visualize yourself as trapped in a narrow room in the back of drywall or even in a bathroom faucet. Possibly you have plenty of holes to drill above your head, with your bare hands up for a very long time. In that case, full-sized drills and drivers are cumbersome, and heavy-weight for many such applications.
The simplest explanation is to find a lot of portable and small drills that will do all the work accurately and adequately. We admit that these are not the most effective and efficient; furthermore, the batteries do not hold for hours. Still, you will get just the right thing to do those challenging and problematic tasks with the proper examination.
Look at the list of best and compact size cordless screwdrivers to quickly select or choose the one you really want for all these essential and crucial factors.

Look at the list of best cordless screwdrivers to easily select the one you want for all these essential factors.

1. BLACK+DECKER LI4000 4-Volt Screwdriver

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Our first and foremost pick is the screwdriver from the very well-known brand Black&Decker.  If you really want or wish to do some DIY tasks at your home, then Black+Decker is the best option. This is one of the multipurpose and functional power tools that you can have in your toolbox, as it can be easily used as a rechargeable flashlight or even as a screwdriver to perform numerous tasks in your home. With this superb compact tool, it would be pretty easy and comfortable for you to perform specific tasks such as accumulating furniture, hanging decorations, and much more.

Its flashlight can be used as a replacement light in areas with poor or no lighting conditions, while its three-stage swivel handle allows you to access numerous applications. This small tool has a pretty long life span, as it comes with a two-year warranty and, thanks to its compact size built, it is easy and hassle-free to store when not in use.

In short, this excellent and superb screwdriver is powered by a 4V lithium-ion battery, which probably is on the lower side. However, still, it can effortlessly perform basic jobs around the house.


  • Built-in light to work in dark areas
  • The 4-volt battery provides cordless power convenience
  • Magnetic screw holder


  • Not suitable for the heavy-duty task
  • Battery life is not as grea

2. DEWALT DW920K 7.2-Volt

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The next best minimal screwdriver on our list is from another well-reputed brand which is known as DeWalt. This production of a screwdriver is efficient, pretty quick, and also capable of multiple different jobs. Among the list of best-evaluated products, this DCD740C1 from DeWalt should not be forgotten due to its compact, dependable, and secure design. This will prove to be a pretty fantastic choice for people who are not at all willing to invest a lot of their money in a first-class option, and this 20V drill is indeed a trusted choice.

Having clean lines and robust construction, this compact driver is ideal with a weight of 3.9 pounds. We know that this is not the most light-weight tool available in the market but still provides the operator with the right and appropriate vibration and strength level to avoid arm exhaustion.


  • Powered by an Energy Star-qualified charger for a better environment
  • Dual speed ranges
  • Compact front-to-back length
  • Quick charging capability 


  • The LED light is super bright and will blind the user
  • It comes in a tool bag instead of the hard case

3. Hitachi DS18DGL 18-Volt Compact drill driver

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The Dewalt DCF885BR is another main stand-out in a sea of cordless screwdrivers. This compact driver is among the shortest 18V drivers currently available. Although it is not a key or the primary selling point, its enhanced chuck is definitely one major reason to have this on our list. There are few or seldom impact drivers with 1/4-inch chucks capable of handling a 1-inch bit as good as this DCF885, and you need to acknowledge where it belongs.

A torque of 1,400 lb-in is nothing to cry or worry over, and having a stroke rate of 3,200 IPM (strokes per minute), the DCF885 will not fail you or your expectations when it is time to do the job. Altogether, this is an inexpensive and highly all-rounded power device with some additional and superb features keeping the unit’s price reasonable and affordable.


  • This product is highly eligible for a replacement or refund within 90 days
  • no visible cosmetic imperfections
  • accessories are completely compatible


  • some of the rubber pieces worn out easily
  • does not come with original accessories

4. Black & Decker Pivot Plus 6-Volt Cordless Screwdriver

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This is also a fantastic cordless screwdriver that might be compact in shape but simultaneously powerful enough to perform your tasks. Highlighting a maximum torque of 44 in-lbs and a 21-position clutch with automatic stop, the new cordless screwdriver provides and delivers enhanced and improved tightening control for repeated use. 

Two options of speeds, 200 and 600 rpm, provide operators with boosted control for accurate kinds of jobs. At just 244 millimeters long and even less than one pound, the M4 screwdriver is quite simple to operate or work from with just one hand and comes with a ¼” quick and rapid-change chuck for single-handed drill change. Having more than 200 holes per charge, this Milwaukee screwdriver is the industry’s first screwdriver to be powered by Milwaukee’s RED LITHIUM 2.0 battery on the new M4™ platform, giving its users up to 50% longer working time.


  • Allows excess to tight spots
  • gives reliable performance
  • 220 rpm to allow fast driving
  • Built-in LED lamp for lighting of the poorly illuminated working area


  • The battery tends to lose its rechargeability.
  • Handy but not enough power


5. LANNERET Cordless Screwdriver Hand Drill

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Last but not least, we have another great screwdriver by BOSCH. Don’t be amazed by seeing another product on our list as this well-known brand has been a household name for almost several years, and it is the perfect and ideal brand for consumers with the grift and courage to get projects done on their own.

The screwdriver looks relatively modern and pleasant, even stylish. The rubberized knurled handle, sophisticated design, looks pretty trendy and cool. Inside is a 1.5 Ah battery that gives 4.5 Nm of torque. All in all, it is sufficient enough to drive its screws at your home or drill a small hole. 

The screwdriver looks pretty similar to other Bosch tools, but it is greatly simplified. It does not include a replaceable battery, and it is charged with the usual micro-USB. This compact driver’s design is relatively modern, and the color can even be pink, which is rather uncommon for screwdrivers and other comparable equipment. It is pretty convenient and ideal for storing both the screwdriver itself and some of the screws, nuts, and other hardware. It also makes excellent sense to keep a couple of attachments here.


  • Great compact design
  • It is compelling when size is considered
  • Speed can be adjusted according to its user
  • USB charging makes charging easier.


  • Customers have issues with its shape as it is a bit hard to put enough pressure directly on the screw, which causes it to slip out.

Buying Guide

There are many small but essential features of cordless screwdrivers; if seriously consider will change your experience. To solve this query as well, we have made a list of some of the essential qualities that your new cordless screwdriver should have. Be aware that although this list is not exhaustive and you should be able to analyze what it is precise that you need before you make your final decision. 

  • RPM

RPM refers to the number of revolutions per minute; the screwdriver will turn. Most of the users are not performing the same job all day every day, so the ability to be able to have control and change the RPM is very beneficial. Not only can it increase the speed at which a task is done, but it can also give you extensive power and accuracy as you undertake a job.

If you are a DIYer, you will be much more able to use your cordless screwdriver with a significant RPM and lesser damage risk. However, home DIYers should be cautious of high RPM screwdrivers to lose control or injure property or themselves.

  • Weight

Weight is another essential factor that you should consider before buying. For many users, a cordless screwdriver’s weight can be a crucial aspect as to whether or not a job can be completed. Sometimes, screwdrivers are so heavy that they make certain tasks to be held in specific positions difficult. For tradesmen, like Joiners, who may have to work with screwdrivers above their heads frequently, the less weight they have to keep above their heads, the better this is, as they will be comfortable to hold the screwdriver in its accurate position more accurately and for more extended periods. 

Weight should also be considered if you have to drag your cordless screwdriver around your workplace, either in a toolbox or in your pocket. You don’t have to carry weight down with you for no reason if you can avoid it. If you do a lot of move jobs, more traveling, and a lot, or work on sites, weight should definitely be something that should be considered seriously. 

  • Battery and charging

Most of the cordless power drills use lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable, and you won’t have to halt your work and wait for the battery to get charged as having two of these rechargeable batteries that you can alternate between would be very beneficial so that you can continue to work using one battery while the second is charging.

It would then help if you also looked that your cordless batteries should have a charging indicator that will inform you how much battery is left and will prevent it from over-charge, thus making it last longer.

Remember that if your cordless drivers do not come with an extra battery, then it is suggested to buy another one for sure to work without any hindrance.

Last Thoughts

All of the drivers mentioned above are good for their intended applications as long as you really know what you will be using it for. That is what pretty much you should do any time you buy a new power tool. They often cause dissatisfaction in people because a device does not get the job done for a user, and most of the time, that is because they did not read the tool’s capabilities before they purchased it.

SO, go through this very carefully to get the screwdriver that suits you the best of all, and you would have no regrets after purchasing it.

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