Replacement Batteries for Cordless Drills (For Each Brand)

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For any power tool, the main thing is a battery. Your work relies upon the battery you are utilizing in your cordless drills. If the batteries are dependable and enduring, clearly it will finish your work impeccably and easily with practically no difficulty. Numerous famous brands like Makita, Milwaukee, Black and Decker, and Dewalt, give extraordinary rechargeable batteries just as the other cordless devices.

As there are various choices for you to pick a dependable and ideal battery for your device, you may have observed trouble picking the right battery for your device. Still assuming that you don’t observe the appropriate battery for your power tool, then, at that point, toward the finish of this article, we are giving you a buyer’s guide, from which you get any assistance to pick the right battery for your cordless gadget. We are confident that you will find our article accommodating and ready to pick a battery for your tool.

7 Best Batteries for Cordless Drills of Each Brand

Following are the rundown of the best batteries of the well-known brands, making it simple for you to choose for your cordless drills.

Have a look and shop conveniently.

1. DEWALT DCB206-2 20V Max 6.0Ah Lithium-Ion Premium Battery

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This Dewalt DCB206-2 20V Max 6.0Ah Lithium-Ion premium battery gives you the double capacity of the standard battery pack just as the multiple times the limit of a smaller XR battery pack. This battery additionally accompanies a 3-LED fuel gauge system that empowers quick feedback on the state of charge.

One of the extraordinary things about this item is that it gives no memory and no self-release for most extreme efficiency and less downtime. It possibly requires an hour to charge when utilized of a fast charger. Its LED battery charge indicator permits you to see the present status of charge, so you will realize when is an ideal opportunity to charge the battery. These batteries are ideal for substantial power tools like grinders and demo hammers, as they require an extensive longer runtime. These batteries will make your work effective and run longer time as it incorporates double DCB206 batteries, upheld by a DeWalt 3-year limited warranty. Another astonishing thing that this battery has, that their charging stations can charge two batteries all at once, so you don’t need to wait that the battery will get done and full charge once more.


  • LED indicator level
  • Durable
  • Charging stations can charge two batteries at a time.
  • Comes with two batteries


  • Charging not last as long as expected.

2. DEWALT 20V MAX Battery Starter Kit with 2 Batteries, 5.0Ah (DCB205-2CK)

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As we realize that DeWalt is a famous brand, giving their customers, extraordinary power tools just as the solid rechargeable batteries. This DeWalt 20V Max 5.0Ah Starter Kit incorporates two 5.0Ah XR batteries of 20V, giving up to 10-amp long periods of limitation. This battery unit additionally incorporates a DCB115 charger, which is fantastic in charging all 12V, 20V, and 60V max batteries at a 4-amp charge.

The one component that may draw in the purchaser is this starter pack comprises a soft bag for additional tool storage, and you don’t need to stress over searching for a reasonable spot in your home to keep this safe. This battery pack is upheld by a 3-year free service warranty, which implies that DeWalt gives you the certainty and confidence in their creation to rapidly get it changed if you are not happy with this battery. 


  • Efficient tool
  • Contains two reliable batteries
  • Three years of warranty
  • Additional storage bag


  • Pricey

3. Makita BL1850B-2 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah Battery Twin Pack, Black

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The Makita BL1850B-2 18V LXT Lithium-Ion 5.0Ah battery charges quicker and works longer than any standard Lithium-Ion battery. It gives you and your cordless gadgets, more working capacity to work longer than expected and do the most troublesome and requesting projects.

This battery of 5.0Ah gives you an unsurpassable charge time of 45 minutes, implying that you don’t need to sit tight for sitting on the charger as it spends working more and charging less. As this battery requires just 45 minutes to completely charge the battery, this battery additionally accompanies a coordinated LED battery charge level indicator that permits clients to screen battery charge. The most eye-catching component of this device is that this battery conveys exceptional power and run time in extremely low temperatures, and its sixteen contact terminals keep a ceaseless connection with your device to assist with forestalling power loss or change, in any event, during high-vibration applications. So, Makita 18V Lithium-Ion is the most extensive cordless tool line-up controlled by an 18V Lithium-Ion slide-style battery. 


  • Unbeatable quality
  • Two pack of powerful batteries
  • Convenient button for battery indication
  • Provides unmatched quality of power
  • Fast charging


  • Expensive

4. PowerGiant 18V 2.0Ah NiCad Replacement Battery for Milwaukee

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Milwaukee’s new creation 48-11-2230/48-11-2200 battery is appraised at 2000mAh and is exceptionally intended to control up to 18V Milwaukee power tools, along these lines permitting clients to run numerous gadgets off a similar battery pack. Interestingly, this battery is viable with different Milwaukee power instruments, so you don’t need to stress when purchasing your cordless power drills. Milwaukee comprises 48-11-2230, 48-11-2232, and 48-11-2200 batteries, which satisfy Milwaukee OEM battery guidelines so you can trust any of them without any problem. 

One more amazing component for which they are very notable is that the battery utilizes sufficient quality cells that are protected with fast charge technology when giving overcharge and over-discharge security to expand the battery’s life. 

Every one of our items is tried by the manufacturer to coordinate and even surpass OEM items details. This pack likewise accompanies 30 days refund policy and year hassle-free replacement.


  • Well worth your money
  • Reliable
  • Tested by manufacturers
  • 12 months replacement policy


  • Can not hold a charge after sometime

5. Milwaukee 48-11-1820 REDLITHIUM M18 2.0 Compact Battery Pack (2 Pack)

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Next on our rundown is again the battery pack from Milwaukee. This 2-pack of sturdy Milwaukee REDLITHIUM battery packs gives the client the enduring performance to get them through different uncompromising situations. 

bunch of streamed-lined batteries offer more power, more run time, and more recharges over standard lithium-ion batteries, as every one of its batteries offers a 2.0Ah limit. It is viable with Milwaukee 2653-20, 2750-20, 2606-20, 2701-20, 2702-20, 2704-20, and numerous other M18 power devices. However this pack contains On-board Fuel Gauge that permits its clients to screen the charge levels advantageously, you would be shocked to realize that these superior performance batteries have REDLINK Intelligence, which shields your battery from over-discharge likewise covers the tool from over-burden. These two batteries include a temperature management system to augment the battery. 


  • Great value
  • Long-lasting
  • Fast charging


  • The battery might die on frequent use.
  • Poor packaging

6. Black and Decker Power extra High Capacity 3000mAh 18V Replacement Battery

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This cordless drill battery of Black and Decker is without a doubt the best quality one with a high limit 3000mAh. This 18-volt power tool battery is created with profoundly effective and quality Ni-MH battery cells. Black and Decker are pleased to say that this pack of power tool battery loads has CE certification for compatibility and specification with OEM items. 

PowerExtra battery clients can finish their charging the battery right away for ordinary power tool utilizing. You don’t need to stress or worry over the battery getting overcharged as this replacement battery is charged without memory impact and comprises uncommon protection against overcharge and over-discharge. You should be cautious that if you don’t anticipate utilizing the Power Tool Battery for quite a while, similar to a month or more, you need to store this in a legitimate dry, perfect, cool spot away from hotness and metal items. 


  • Safe with rapid-charge technology
  • Provides overcharge and discharge protection
  • Great life
  • Compatible with many power tools


  • Can be used only for 18 Volts trimmer
  • It takes more time to charge after using certain times.

7. Black and Decker Energup 18V 3000mAh Replacement Battery

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Ultimately, we have this Energup 18V 3000mAh replacement battery pack for Black and Decker cordless power tools, which is likewise a NiCAD battery. This battery gives sufficient effectiveness of power for fueling your power tools. Discussing its similarity, this supplanting battery is 100% viable with the first Black and Decker drills, chargers, and drills however is ideally suited for Black and Decker A1718, A18NH, HPB18, and HPB18-OPE. To put it plainly, this replacement battery fulfills the necessities of guideline Black and Decker battery’s determinations for ideal similarity.


  • Better than OEM
  • Perfect for B&D string trimmer
  • Perfect weight to work
  • Price is affordable


  • Does not last longer
  • No staying power 

How to Choose the Right Battery for Your Cordless Drill

There are many variables and features that you should remember before purchasing an ideal dependable battery for your cordless drill. we recorded a few factors that you should glance out which helps you pick an ideal battery for your device below. 


Voltage is a fundamental component that can recognize two batteries. A voltage is relied upon for what sort of work you will utilize your cordless drill for. If you’re chipping away at a light work then a voltage of 7-12 volts will be ideal for your work however in case you’re dealing with a substantial task then the voltage of 18-36 volts will be required. There are additionally a few batteries arrive in a range of 12-18 volts which will deal with your medium kind of jobs. 


One more fundamental variable that you should focus on, is the weight of a battery. It’s difficult to grasp a huge device since it is very awkward, so we would propose you go for a lightweight battery as could be expected. We asked a few surveys from the clients from which we saw some intriguing realities that numerous cordless drills batteries with 5Ah weighing 1.59lb and the other one with 3Ah is only a 0.01lb timid. There could be no legitimate distinction between them except for you must be extremely cautious and select actually because, without a doubt, you want a higher power with lighter weight.

Longer run time 

Everyone needs their battery to have the longest run time and trust us when we say it would be worth your cash. The 18V XRP Extended runtime Battery pack gives you 40% more runtime than some other standard batteries.


In the wake of going through every one of the primary concerns of a battery that you ought to consider, remember to take a gander at the highlights a battery may have. A battery with rich elements would definitely go far.

You should realize that numerous batteries accompany a LED indicator and Bluetooth. In particular, it might be ideal to assume that you were prepared enough because the temperature is profoundly affecting your battery’s performance. Anything lower or higher than that would essentially affect the lifetime of the battery. Furthermore, this could even bring about long-lasting harm to the battery and its runtime.


This is typically the initial question that flies into a purchaser’s brain when purchasing the battery. You must be certain that the battery you are wanting to buy is viable with your cordless drill; in any case, it is pointless to get a substitution. This is by all accounts a crucial factor, yet we have still recorded this in the last since these days when innovation has made such headways, you ought not to stress over this component contrasted with the other. Practically each of the batteries is viable with each tool. Along these lines, it’s nothing to stress over too much, yet, this doesn’t imply that you should disregard this. 

Final Thoughts

Batteries are without a doubt a fundamental piece of any power tool, and we can identify with the effort you are making when attempting to decide and pick between every one of the decisions out there. That was the fundamental purpose of this audit, and ideally, we made it understood. 

Besides, we recommend you adhere to the branded batteries because the aftermarket ones force a critical wellbeing hazard and some conceivable harm to your devices. 

Ideally, you have tracked down the perfect machine. If not, essentially you should be outfitted with all the important data about substitution batteries and are prepared to implement that while visiting a market.

Happy Shopping!! 

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