5 Best Milwaukee Cordless Drill Reviews in 2021

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Under the brands like Dewalt and Black & Decker, brands like Milwaukee is often under-rated or is under-looked.

Milwaukee power drills are known to deliver extraordinary quality for both professionals and DIYers who tackle all kinds of projects. If you are one of the casual DIYer buyer who is looking long-lasting, quality power drill or driver set, then you should definitely study Milwaukee.

Here you have to keep in mind that even the best Milwaukee drill may not be the most powerful or the most compact. This just depends on what task you are planning to perform with that tool and what sort of work you want to accomplish and only, for this reason, we may recommend a different Milwaukee power drill for an electrician than someone starting out in construction. 

To make your life easier, we surveyed some of the top Milwaukee cordless power drills and drivers, consisting both the 12V and 18V drill kits. Our list of recommended products of Milwaukee comes after observing hours of torque and testing its run time, as well as after giving the tools lots of real-world.

5 Best Milwaukee Cordless Drill in 2021

We have combined this review not only to help you make the right purchasing decision but also to fascinate that part of the guide that you think can somehow relate and help you. Pop some corn and read on. If by going through till the end of this guide you still think you need some extra help in deciding out which Milwaukee drill is right for you, our handy buyer’s guide will surely solve all your problems.

1. Milwaukee 2691-22

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Milwaukee 2691-22 is our first pick because it has got a dedicated compact drill and an impact driver and is considered probably Milkwaukee’s best 18V cordless drill and driver kit. The impact driver will help you more to remove a seized-up lug nut than any an impact feature on a versatile frame. It also comes with two lithium-ion batteries, belt clip, charger and carrying case which will only cost you for $200-$300 on Amazon.

The cordless drill driver weighs only 4 pounds but still can deliver 400 in-pounds of torque making it proficient of handling an extensive range of material. This drill is also equipped with an LED light which will help you by illuminating the dark workplace, and the great thing is that these all accessories and tools are also backed with a 5-year warranty by Milwaukee. In short, this is a perfect, reliable and long-lasting drill and driver combo kit that is perfect for both professionals and homeowners like contractors, electricians, and even car shop owners.


  • Consists of Battery level indicator
  • Produces enough torque to tackle most surfaces
  • Repels water and shock
  • Great 2-in cordless drill and cordless impact driver set


  • It is an 18V drill so it may be challenging to use on super-duty surfaces like concrete.

2. Milwaukee 2897-22 M18 Fuel 2-tool Combo Kit

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Suppose you are in a market looking for best combo kit than you should also consider this product of Milwaukee 2897 cordless drill and impact driver set. It is relatively a bit expensive than it other competitors but well worth the price. It comes with the 18V cordless drill, and 18V impact driver, a charger, a hardshell carrying case and two batteries and its batteries are very long-lasting, with users claiming a battery life of 8 hours.

It also comes with 4-speed settings which is not commonly offered by any cordless power drill. This feature gives you a lot more control and makes it much easier to evade things like stripping screws. While reviewing this product, we have seen customers claiming that the impact driver in this kit is one of the most strong ones out there, which is capable of ripping through cement. The bottom line is that this Milwaukee product is highly durable, and the impact driver kits of this Milwaukee product is one of the most powerful impact drivers available in the market.


  • Long-Lasting batteries
  • Consists of 4- speed settings
  • 2-in-1 18V cordless drill and impact driver
  • Comes with a powerful impact driver


  • Relatively pricey as compared to others
  • The chucks on the cordless drill are not of high-quality, but still, they are replaceable.

3. Milwaukee 2702-20 M18 Cordless Drill

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Next in our list is another best power drill which is  Milwaukee 2702-20 cordless drill as this does it all. It is a multi-purpose cordless drill which can work as a rotary drill,  an impact driver, and a hammer drill. It can easily make this your go-to tool on behalf of all these things which can become your backup in case you lose any of this and you won’t have to trouble yourself by continually thinking just where you left your other tools.

The appealing thing about this product is its brushless motor. This up-to-date design means more efficient operation and no brush that will wear out with use which will give this product a long life which means that investment you did on buying will stretch further. The only issue that we have gone through in our survey is that the chuck’s construction doesn’t appear to match, and also this chuck is poorly put together and tends to slip on occasion. This part is purposely mentioned by us, which tends to slip while buying. If you buy the 2702-20 M18, you will have to keep an eye out for that.


  • Versatile
  • Comes with a brushless motor means greater efficiency, longer-lasting
  • Great value
  • Compact design


  • Chuck may slip occasionally \

4. Milwaukee 2407-20 Drill/Driver

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This power drill is a superb option for the people who want to do basic tasks around the home for just a little money. The battery charges up in just 30 minutes, and you will be surprised by seeing how fast can get rolling. This power drill can perform its easily from drilling holes to running a TeeVee cable, to making air holes for the census worker you have caged in your basement. 

There is one thing which we feel is little outdated is that it comes with a brushed motor which was not a big deal a few years ago, but nowadays brushless motors are the wave of future and are quite efficient and long-lasting. So when you buy this tool, keep in mind that its performance might deteriorate by time as difficult jobs can overwhelm this drill. In short, 2407-20 delivers outsized performance considering its price tag.


  • Low cost
  • Great value
  • Fast to charge
  • Superb for basic tasks around the home


  • Lacks sufficient power
  • Brushed motor means a short lifespan.

5. Milwaukee Drill (2607-20)

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Lastly, we have Milwaukee 2607-20, which can conveniently handle any drilling task around your house. It can efficiently work on drywalls like a stiletto through a tub of margarine, and also its hammer feature lets you put holes through the rough surface like concrete, in short, this drill will put holes in anything you want.

As we have promised that our products will have biased free reviews, so we will also let you know about the small problems which are attached to the products. Similarly, in this product, we have witnessed that its chuck is problematic right out of the gate as it just does not like to stay tightened and may get loose sometimes. Considering the hole-making features for this drill, this is a bit disheartening, and also it gets heated after some time of its use. We would also like you to see that it has a brushed motor. Because these are still very common, we can’t actually blame the tool too much for that. But when it comes to ranking, the shorter lifespan and the wear and tear on the brushes hold it back.


  • Versatile
  • Powerful


  • Heating problem
  • Chuck leaves something to be desired.

How to Choose the Best Milwaukee Cordless Drill Set

It would be easy to purchase the most expensive tool that can do everything but perhaps, this is not the smartest approach as it is more important to have some general prerequisites in mind. It is self-evident that if you are shopping across brands for tools that do a straightforward job, you have already got the job in mind that you need it to do and for that, you may have a question in your mind that how would you figure out which tool line you want precisely.

So, here are some factors which will solve your query and will steer your approach when making a decision.

Cordless or power

Though everyone like the drills with power ranging from 03020-20’s. But still, we will rank that primary size limits cordless power drill which does not have sufficient cord length even with this speed, lower than the drill which has a long cord as its portability. In the end, it is very vital to consider whether you need to work in small spaces, or the capacity to plug into an electrical outlet is essential. Your decision should depend on either you want to give priority to a cordless tool and sacrifice a little bit of juice or not.

Tool vs Tools

 This is another aspect of power drills which you should not overlook and consider that seriously. During our survey, we have seen that there are two basic kinds of Milwaukee tool lines—multiple toolsets and single tools that can fill multiple functions. Milwaukee products with products number ranging from 2691-22 come with a drill and an impact driver. This is indeed a plus point when you need a specifically designed impact driver to offer an instant jolt of power to loosen frozen nuts. But seeing the different side of the picture, having multiple tools requires a lot of investment of money and space for a tool that most people have limited need for as in many cases a single tool that can do lots of things might suffice.


 You would agree with me when we say that in today’s world there is critical relation to the price with the quality. Every single person is price-conscious unless and until he has King Midas’ gold. Shoppers who are on a budget would want to look at a basic model like 2407-20 so that can do every essential household task you throw at it and also prove to be very cost-effective, and from there, you can sort out what features you need or are willing to pay for. Here we will also mention that paying extra for the first time for any electrical product is better than to keep investing in bits and pieces. So choose and invest wisely.   

Last but not least

We know that many skulls were cracked and spines wrecked as we contributed to online reviews of Milwaukee drills. Our approach was a bit deviated from the norm, starting with the premise that loyalty to a brand drives your search. After giving Milwaukee’s choices a turn, we firmly believe that if you have space and money to invest, that going with tools precisely designed for their jobs is indeed a great way to proceed.

We hope that you found our reviews helpful enough or, at least, mildly entertaining. We hope that you take something away from our buyers’ guide and as a result, get what you were looking for.

Happy Shopping!

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