Masonry Drill Bits for Concrete Walls and Bricks

Whether you are working on a DIY project or professional jobs, you often need to drill into or through brick or stone, from hanging a shelf to running cable. Well, the completion of nearly all projects depends on your skills, materials as well as machines and tools. It is not all just about the working equipment, but the ease and perfection, the right set of tools can bring to your work.

person using masonry drill bit on brick wall.

As a matter of fact, the most premium machine only comes with substandard bits which can cause damage to your walls. Additionally, inferior bits are prone to breaking while using.

The verity of drill bits for walls and bricks available today is astonishingly extensive. Not only they are available in different diameters and lengths, but there is a variety of materials, to choose from. Tip design has become innovative, the standard masonry drill bits are also there, as well as a perfect combination of both designs that can drill multiple materials. If you need a really large hole, you might have to get a masonry core drill.

5 Best Masonry Drills for Concrete

Below, we have compiled a list of the most cost-effective and finest solutions for those who need a masonry drill bit for concrete. We give an in-depth review and our analysis of each going over the pros and cons of each drill set.

1. DEWALT DW5207 Masonry Drill Bit Set

DEWALT Masonry Drill Bit Set, Percussion, 7-Piece (DW5207)
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DEWALT DW5207 Masonry Drill Bit Set is at the top of our list. DEWALT is well known as a leading durable tools manufacturer. You will surely get a reliable and long-term drilling companion too. 

This bit set is flawless to work on concrete, and it will offer you clean and effortless results. The four-flute structure gets rid of the debris and clears the way so that you can work quickly.

The usage of this bit set is effortless. It will fit perfectly on the wedge of the drilling machine. It is designed to reduce the chance of slipping the bit from the wedge. You will surely get enough variations with this masonry drill bits set; it will help you drill any hole you want. It will support the accurate drilling results you desire. 

With all the trustworthiness of DEWALT, you can easily select this bit set for all your projects. Whether you are a professional or an amateur, you will love to use this bit set.


  • Reliable
  • Long usage
  • Catch chuck easily
  • Four-flute design
  • Easy to use process
  • Rock carbide tip maximizes surface contact
  • Four flute design cleans debris out while drilling


  • Less variety

2. Bosch HCST006 6 Piece SDS-Plus Bit Set Review

Bosch 6 Piece SDS-plus Masonry Trade Bit Set, Chisels and Carbide, HCST006
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Bosch is another reliable and well-known name for the best concrete drill bits. Its optimized flute design makes it better than most of the other drill bits of such kind. The state-of-the-art Bosch design ensures drilling and reduces bit stress. Say goodbye to heating issues with these bits.

Other than drilling quickly, it also makes the work much cleaner. It eliminates dust and offers fast drilling. With a rigid diamond ground carbide tip, it offers superior resistance as compared to other bits. It can tolerate heavy loads. And for accuracy, the tip offers a no-walk, centric drill tip. It is designed for accurately and creating perfectly round holes.

It is made with an optimized braze and dedicated hardening process, so the bits will last long. And to store it safely, you will receive a brute tough storage case.


  • Rounder drilling
  • Precision
  • Storage case
  • Industrial grade
  • Optimized flute design for reduced bit stress
  • Features a harder diamond ground carbide tip
  • Centric tip for rounder holes


  • Not suitable for hard concrete

3. Bosch Impact Multi Construction Drill Bit Review

Bosch IMC500 5-Piece Impact MultiConstruction Drill Bit Set
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This is a multi-purpose drilling bit set that can be used on various surfaces. The Bosch IMC500 is another fine masonry bit set to make your work easier. 

In this bit set, you will receive five different concrete drill bits. All of the bits come with the same quality and durability that will offer you higher producibility. 

Versatility makes it stand out from the others. You can use these drill bits on numerous surfaces. From the masonry surface to stone, brick, plastic, and others, all can be drilled using just these bits. 

These drilling bits feature Hex shanks that enable them to work on hammer drills or drivers alike. With the support of the carbide head, you can get holes faster on any surface. In the meantime, the unique steep flutes of the bits remove the dirt. Overall, it’s the finest drill bit for brick and concrete. 


  • Multi-Usage
  • Proper versatility
  • Clean drilling
  • Wipeout dirt
  • Long-lasting
  • Carbide tipping
  • Works on multiple surfaces like concrete, brick, stone and plastic
  • Can be used with both hammer drills and drivers
  • Robust, high-quality carbide tip


  • No container

4. SNUG SNG532 Fasteners Five Masonry Drill Bit Review

SNUG Fasteners Five (5) 3/16" x 5-1/2
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When it comes to the greatest concrete drill bits, the SNUG SNG532 is another reliable option. Fasteners Five-bit set comes with carbide tipping. 

Using these masonry drilling bits, you can effortlessly get holes on concrete. You can also get fine results on brick, artificial stone, stone, and others surfaces as well. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you won’t regret getting this drilling bit set for long-term use.

The bit sets are industrial grade as they come with a carbide tip. Now, drilling will be much more effortless as these bits will easily attach to most drilling machine wedge. It is designed to prevent slipping and other potential accidents making your work fatigue-free. The carbide tipping offers durability and reliability for extended usage. 


  • Easy usage
  • Durable tipping
  • Prevent slipping
  • Accurate drilling
  • durable


  • Not suitable for harder concrete

5. Ivy Classic 10332 ½-Inch 12 Piece Masonry Drill Bit Set

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Don’t let the cute name dupe you. The Ivy classic 10332 set doesn’t only look good but also performs like a beast.

Ivy classic is a reliable brand that focuses purely on masonry and additional hardware accessories. This bit can fulfill all promises, from the material construction to the effectiveness; there are no regrets if you opt for this bit.

These bits come in a pack of 12 with an overall length of 12 inches. The shank is perfectly round, which allows the bit a perfect fit for rotary and percussion piercing and hammering. You can bore through various materials like stone, marble, block, brick, stone, and swift cut.

The bits are induction heated to guarantee that they remain straight and strong. Moreover, a sandblasted finish safeguards the bit from rust and wear and tear. The robust design makes it cuts and digs very deep and fast.


  • Reasonably priced value pack of 12 pieces.
  • Induction heat treated.
  • precision ground 
  • Reinforced with tungsten carbide.
  • Sandblasted finish
  • Rust free


  • Not found

What to Consider Before Buying Masonry Drill Bit?

The various number of masonry tasks and types of bits available can make selecting a specific product confusing. To end the confusion, we have broken down various factors to consider before making a buying decision.


The material used in the production of a drill bit expresses volumes on its durability and efficiency.

Low Carbon Steel: Most masonry bits are made by using low carbon steel. Such bits fail to work on more complex surfaces. They also heat up pretty quickly, cannot promise satisfactory results and don’t last for long.

High-Speed Steel:  Also known as HSS bits. They are more robust and more effective than carbon steel replacements. However, they cost more as compare to low carbon steel. However, they are better at resisting heat and provides more extended life.

Tungsten Carbide: Tungsten carbide drill bits are the best masonry drill bits in terms of performance. They are tough, highly durable, resistant to rust, and dispel heat.

Bit Types

For a beginner, there are too many types of drill bits in the market. They are made for different uses like metalwork, glasswork and masonry projects. The masonry drill bits are – tungsten carbide and diamond hole – saws drill bits. They penetrate through the toughest surfaces and materials. Masonry bits are highly tough, and they hardly overheat. 

Compatibility with a Power Drill

What type of power drill do you have? What are the accurate masonry drill bits for your machine? These questions should be answered before buying masonry drill bits.

The answer to these questions would assist you in choosing bits compatible with your power drill. This thought will make your work faster and smoother. Making the correct selection will also prevent your drill from suffering harm from conflicting bits.


Masonry bits come in a wide variety of sizes. These sizes (diameter) differ from 3 mm to ½ inches. Drill bits are also available in different lengths. However, you can also get drill bits that range from 300 mm to 400 mm. The accurate diameter and length of the drill bit, dependents on the size and length of the holes you desire to make. Please confirm you go for the finest quality you can find. There are several high-quality drill bits available in the market. You just need to discover them. To top it off, some of them are available at a reasonable price point.


Drill bits come with a sharp tip that helps to reduce the force required to bore through several materials. The manufacturers of these accessories use diverse coatings to improve their performance. The most common coatings used are tungsten carbide, black oxide and titanium oxide. Titanium oxide is hands-on to this purpose, but it doesn’t go well with ferrous-metals (iron alloys). On the other hand, Tungsten carbide and black oxide go well with iron and its alloys. These two are able of boring through abrasive materials. These coatings also upsurge resistance to corrosion while increasing strength. 


Piercing through rough materials produces friction, heat, and magnetic charges. With constant use and passage of time, this makes the cutting-edge tip of the bit blunt. Titanium is an industrial-strength metal, thus, sharpening it is quite difficult. On the other hand, Cobalt is softer, henceforth easier to sharpen. But if you opt for a titanium coating, you are definite of more prolonged life service. Re-sharpening such materials contradict the advantage of their more exceptional qualities.


Can I Resharpen My Masonry Drill Bits?

Yes. A bench grinder is all you need with the correct wheel, and it will do the job, or you can buy a precise drill bit sharpener. The latter makes it effortless for you to maintain the correct angle, but you need to check your competencies carefully. Cheaper models are only made to handle standard HSS drill bits and will not help with carbide tips.

Will a Masonry Drill Bit Drill a Tile Without Cracking It?

It relies on the type of tile. Specific tile drill bits are available, generally with a cone-shaped tip. Masonry bits will also do the job. Nevertheless, the hole might not be quite as perfect. If it’s ceramic tile, carbide-tipped drill bits are perfect. In the case of glass or porcelain, you might need a diamond-tipped bit. Before you drill, it’s better to put a piece of masking tape over the area. It’s easier to mark, and it will give the drill bit some initial grip, so it remains at the right place. Drilling gradually also helps avoid cracking.

Can I Use Masonry Drill Bits for Wood or Metal?

No, you could use the multi-purpose type we discussed above, but not regular masonry drill bits. These bits actually use a chipping motion rather than cutting, which is the reason the drills themselves usually have a hammer action. In the case of wood and metal, it’s much better to get twist drill bits since they slice into the material. They are not very expensive, so it’s worth investing in the precise tool for the job.

How Can You Demagnetize Drill Bits?

One can’t deny the fact that, with time and use, all metallic tools increase a magnetic charge. This magnetic field gathers metallic shavings as you work. This phenomena can hinder your work by increasing friction. Magnetized shavings can clog up the flutes of drills and get in the way of the cutting process which results in less efficient work output. The market has various demagnetizing tools that eliminate magnetism and work on a variety of devices. Such a tool is relatively cheap, easy to use and easy to find.

Final Word

Masonry drill bits are crucial not only for professionals but for homeowners as well. With the do-it-yourself culture dominant right now, many people want to do home repairs for themselves. These tools make home improvement cheaper, manageable, and fun.

Our selection includes the finest masonry drill bits in the market. Great care was taken to confirm that you get valued, in-depth information when reading this article.

This selection is based on conditions like the design, materials used, durability, compatibility and price. There is no clear conqueror in this list because each of these products is exceptional and a different price point. One thing is unquestionable, all of them are winners and best of best.

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