DeWalt Vs Makita Cordless Drill: Which one’s better in 2021?

Dewalt and Makita cordless drills side to side comparison

Both the Dewalt and Makita brands are quite reliable as far as cordless drills are concerned. These well-known companies have been on the market for a long time and thus, have proved themselves as master of the art of making quality cordless drills.

Here the choice for cordless drills comes down to Makita and Dewalt. Dewalt is a famous American company while Makita comes from a Japan-based manufacturer. Below, we will compare the two brands to decide which have the best cordless drills.

Which is better, Makita or DeWalt?

The rivalry of these two brands is more or less like Toyota vs Chevy. One of the brands has the finest quality and highly innovative Japanese-engineered product. In contrast, the other one has that classic American-bred brand that endures to churn out industry-leading tools year after year. Since, DeWalt has become such a vast global power tools corporation, though, it is kind of tough even to say that DeWalt is the more ‘American’ of the two companies, however true that maybe when you go all the way back to their roots.

DeWalt was initiated in Pennsylvania in 1924 by Raymond DeWalt – the famous and famed inventor of the radial arm saw, while the other brand Makita Corporation began in Japan almost about a decade earlier, in 1915. Makita initiated itself with as an electric repair company and did not begin exporting their proprietary line of electric motors until the mid of 1930s. 

Main Differences Between Dewalt & Makita Cordless Drills

Before moving into further detail, let’s have a look at these main differences so that you can surely have a pretty clear idea in your mind before heading towards the final call.

  • Makita power drills usually weigh 3.8lbs, whereas Dewalt Drill drills weigh approx. 2.6lbs. 
  • The power drills from Makita delivers 530 lbs of torque, whereas Dewalt Drill offers 500 lbs of torque.
  • Makita drills are cheaper, whereas Dewalt Drill comes with two batteries, thus a little expensive.
  • Makita is a Japanese company known for its high-quality power tools, which was founded in 1915, with factories based all around the world, that include the USA as well. In contrast, Dewalt is a proud American co-operation founded in 1922 that create a range of “GUARANTEED TOUGH” tools.

What we love about Makita Cordless drills

Makita cordless drill driver side view

Makita cordless drills are as useful in reality as you see in writing because they are quite reliable and sell at a reasonable price. However, the Makita drills are not the most powerful cordless drill around and thus, is not ideal at times for use in professional applications. So, if you are to deal with a demanding project, we suggest you find a more powerful power drill for your job.

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The Makita drills also include a compact product that you will find easy and convenient to carry to different locations. Then again it also has impressive battery life, so you don’t have to wait hours and hours for your task to complete. The good thing about its battery is that it is effortless to charge. This is because it will take almost less than 30 minutes to get the battery fully charged.

Also, you can leave your battery charged and use it even months later. This is an essential feature as it makes things easy when you need to use your power drill immediately. Other features of the drill, such as the comfortable handle and LED light, will give you a fair and memorable experience while working.

What we love about DeWalt Cordless Drills

DeWalt cordless drills lined up

DeWalt is another famous brand of power drill among many DIYers and even professionals due to its positive attributes. These power drills by DeWalt not only provides top performance but also, are quite efficient to stand the test of time. If you are using any of DeWalt’s tools, you should not worry about the battery time as these tools come with an efficient and fantastic battery and therefore, you should not fear about running out of power.  

One thing that you need to look into is its chuck. Before purchasing the unit, you need to certify that the chuck is functioning correctly. This requires your specific attention because we have observed in our review that many users bought a new DeWalt cordless drill with a malfunctioning chuck. But as we have already mentioned that they offer at least three years of warranty so luckily, this had covered these mishaps.

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Final Thoughts

As we continue to this battle of Makita and DeWalt, it is essential to acknowledge that the two power tools will serve you well on every task.

Both the Makita and DeWalt are distinctive brands, and either of these power drills would be a perfect option for you if you are renovating your home.

It is challenging to mark any one of them as a clear winner, but if we have to take a call, then we will undoubtedly take a name. We decided to choose DeWalt as a better brand. However, there really was not much in it, and each model has its pros and cons, so it would clearly depend on which things are more important to you personally, and for the project, you are planning to work on.

Both of these drills offer their customer a three-year warranty, so you can relax and assured that if anything does go according to your intent, either one will replace and changed by the dealer you purchased it from.

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