5 Best Black & Decker Cordless Drills

black and decker cordless drill

Every modern innovation seems to take gadgets one step further away from the use of cords and cables. While the sight of a messy pile of cables was once commonplace, especially while using a drill, companies like Black and Decker have begun releasing cordless varieties that result in a cleaner and more efficient experience. As 2021 comes around, it brings with it many new and updated Black and Decker cordless drills.

We have provided a list of the top 5 cordless Black and Decker drills currently on the market. In our humble opinion, and more importantly based on our intense testing process, these five drills represent the absolute best of what the cordless drill market currently has on offer. Also provided below is a buying guide that you can use to better understand our choices and why we made them.

5 Best BLACK+DECKER Cordless Drills

Here’s a round up of the best black and decker cordless drills from our list.

Let’s dive deep into the details of the products.

1. BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Matrix Cordless Drill (BDCDMT120C)

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Black and Decker’s MAX series is a wonder to behold, and nothing encapsulates the quality of this series more than the Matrix cordless drill. In fact, even calling this a simple drill would be doing it a disservice due to how incredibly versatile it is. In many ways this is a single all purpose tool, one that is capable of precise and powerful drilling yet can still be carried around with ease. In spite of all of its remarkable qualities this is a pretty affordable drill. It’s hard to make the case for any other drill when such a magnificent specimen already exists. Some might criticize the faulty switch but a charge controller can take care of this issue, and it’s worth it when you consider how perfect this tool is from all other angles.


  • Single tool for all kinds of purposes
  • Comes with diverse attachments
  • Quite affordable despite high quality
  • Portable design
  • Extremely powerful drilling


  • Switch can be faulty

2. BLACK+DECKER 20V Variable Speed (BDCDD220C)

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As a member of Black and Decker’s MAX series, this drill has quite a bit to offer. While it’s a little pricey even when compared to arguably better Black and Decker models, the incredible durability of this tool is perfect for long hours spent finishing a project. It’s also useful to have variable speeds, and this feature combined with the rather excellent power levels makes this the perfect drill to have on the go, especially when you take into account the portable and lightweight design which the drill’s sheer power and durability often belies. One thing though, this drill has a bit of a difficult chuck. Removing it can be a pain, though the advantages make up for that.


  • Durable enough to withstand extended use
  • Variable speeds lead to more drill control
  • Small and portable
  • Quite powerful despite light weight


  • Somewhat pricey
  • Chuck tends to get stuck

3. BLACK+DECKER 20V 3/8-Inch (LDX120C)

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This is drill is full of surprises. It has a long lasting battery, yet it manages to be pretty light to hold. This also a surprisingly affordable drill, but this does not lead to any compromises in quality. In fact, this drill might just offer one the easiest drilling experiences anyone could ask for, with not a single jerk interrupting your otherwise smooth push. It’s clear that Black and Decker wanted to make this an easy to use drill that any beginner would be able to use right out of the box, and you can particularly see this with the drill bit replacement. It’s pretty easy to figure out which is a welcome change from heavy duty drills including many that Black and Decker themselves offer.

It doesn’t measure up to top of the line drills in terms of power though, and while it’s lightweight nature is useful it leads to a rather fragile, almost cheap looking design.


  • Affordable yet high in quality
  • Extremely lightweight despite battery
  • Smooth drilling experience
  • Easy drill bit replacement


  • Not quite powerful enough
  • Lightweight design compromises durability

4. BLACK+DECKER BDCDD120C 20V MAX Lithium Single Speed Drill

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It’s rare to find a cordless drill that is relatively light but not flimsy. Many drills suffer from this conundrum, but this one is rare in that it doesn’t force you to compromise. It also has quite a bit of versatility to it, being suitable for regular drilling applications as well as for sanding and the like. This makes it an interesting option for people that do woodwork on occasion. The handle on this drill is also a thing of beauty, perfectly ergonomic and very comfortable to grip.

Since we are on the lower end of this list, power is still going to be an issue. This drill also only offers a single speed which limits how and where it can be used. It’s still great if you want something that’s not too fussy but can still offer 20 volts.


  • Lightweight and portable yet also durable
  • Versatile applications
  • Ergonomic handle feels great in the hand


  • Not nearly powerful enough
  • Single speed limits versatility

5. BLACK+DECKER GC1801 18-Volt Drill/Driver

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This is great if you want a cordless drill for basic DIY tasks at home. Not everyone needs a powerful behemoth after all, and this drill can be the perfect option for people on a tight budget. It’s interface is also fairly easy to understand at a glance, making this a great cordless drill for those that may have never used one before. This drill is also quite durable which is a nice bonus considering the price

That said, this drill does have its fair share of issues. The battery life leaves much to be desired, and the charger can be frustratingly slow. This drill is also rather limiting in that it can only be used for small scale projects since it lacks the power required for anything bigger. It’s still a decent buy for beginners on a budget, though.


  • Easy interface makes it great for beginners
  • Perfect for basic at home use
  • Durable design, resistant to damage


  • Poor battery life and worse charger
  • Lacks power necessary for heavy duty projects

How to Choose the Best Black & Decker Cordless Drill

Below are some factors we believe you should look into when buying a cordless drill from Black & Decker.

Get an Ergonomic Grip

Drilling for extended periods of time can be a nightmare if you don’t have a good grip that has ergonomic features incorporated into it. Not getting a good grip on your drill is a one way ticket to carpal tunnel syndrome, especially if you also work an office job where repetitive strain on your wrists from typing can further contribute to this illness. A good grip can also give you more control over the drill, thereby making it easier to drill holes that are a little more streamlined rather than rough craters that screws would barely fit into.

Cordless is Heavier

This is something that anyone looking to buy a cordless drill should keep in mind. Cordless drills need rechargeable batteries to function, and these batteries are usually rather heavy. This can compromise on portability, although it’s fair to say that a lot of companies go overboard in this regard. Black and Decker manages to find the happy medium here by optimizing their batteries so that even smaller ones can hold a great deal of charge. If you compare weight to battery efficiency you can come across a cordless drill that is powerful yet relatively portable.

Go for Hammer Action

While this depends on the kind of usage you have in mind for your cordless drill, for the most part hammer action is a highly useful feature to have. It allows you to drill into material such as masonry, something that is notoriously difficult to drill into. Alternatively, or perhaps simultaneously, you might also want to opt for a screwdriver function. Having multiple features in a single tool is very useful, both from a time management perspective, since many projects need to be delivered on a tight deadline, as well as from an ease of use perspective since you wouldn’t have to stop and pick up a different tool every time you need to screw something in.

Diversify Your Drill Bits

Your choice of cordless drill is all well and good but its usefulness might be limited by the drill bits you buy alongside it. A diverse array of drill bits can have you ready for any kind of task. Bit sizes are definitely a factor here, since you’d ideally want a bit of control over how big the hole you make would be. Drill shapes matter too, though, since various screws need to be utilized based on the project you are working on.

Don’t Compromise on Safety Features

A drill is a piece of heavy machinery, make no mistake about it. This means that injuries can often occur while you are using it. This is why you should never compromise on safety features. An auto shutoff in particular can be pertinent in this regard. Try opting for a smart auto shutoff, though, otherwise you might have to deal with the frustrating prospect of your drill turning off whenever you change the angle at which it is pointed. The grip also needs a safety feature such as a hand guard to prevent any cuts or abrasions.


Can I Use a Heavy Duty Drill for Everything?

It’s easy to see why you would think that. After all, heavy duty drills are perfectly capable of handling intense tasks so they should do well enough for lighter tasks as well, right? It’s actually a bit more complicated than that. Heavy duty drills tend to focus more on power rather than finesse. While it’s possible to strike a balance between the two, often you can’t have one without compromising on the other. If you want a bit more control while drilling, heavy duty drills might not be right for you.

Are Chinese Cordless Drills Worth It?

Assuming that everything that’s made in China is low quality is rather stereotypical. Chinese products have greatly improved in quality over the years, so much so that they are arguably on par with many international standard products. You can’t beat America when it comes to drills, though. Chinese drills are effective and cheap but they fail to measure up to the sheer power and durability that American made products can offer. The fact that Black and Decker is an American company is part of why it’s so popular among DIY fanatics.

How Can I Keep My Drill in Good Shape?

Drill maintenance is key if you want your cordless drill to last a while. Firstly, you should keep the tool clear of dust particles and dirt. This can go in through the vents and cause your cordless drill to overheat. Don’t be afraid to take your drill apart every few months and give it a deep cleaning. Letting dust gather can greatly diminish your drill’s potential lifespan. Checking your carbon brushes is also quite important, since these brushes need to be replaced after about fifty hours of total use. You will have two carbon brushes in your drill, and you should try to replace both of them simultaneously to ensure peak performance.

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