10 Best Cordless Impact Drivers in 2021

Cordless Impact driver placed on wooden planks

A drill is one of the few basic tools you will find in any toolbox. However, with times evolving, people have come to realize that a normal drill isn’t enough to carry out heavy-duty tasks and that’s when Cordless Impact drivers came to help.

An impact driver can make a technician’s work a whole lot easier as it can effortlessly screw fasteners in hard surfaces and loosen rigid rusty bolts. Owing to their adaptability and skillfulness you can easily carry it with you and work on your professional projects without any hassle.

And to make your work even easier we have gathered around the 10 best cordless impact drives in 2021 and what factors you need to consider while buying on.

10 Best Cordless Impact Drivers in 2021

Here are the best impact drivers available in the market nowadays.


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This is a phenomenal cordless impact driver that can make your work straightforwardly easy. Regardless of whether you need to manage long screws, boring tools, or slack screws, it can convey the necessary force and power that you want to take care of business.

For the most part, sway drivers are widely known for being overly noisy and chaotic, however, this Makita XDT131 brushless engine guarantees that it isn’t just dependable and vigorous but furthermore creates less clamor. This fantastic impact driver accompanies an 18V 3Ah lithium-particle battery, a charger, and a texture device sack.

Also, it has an  LED light to help you work in poorly lit areas and it stays on a few seconds after you let go of the trigger.


  • Consists of a durable and powerful brushless motor
  • The 3Ah battery and the charger have LED indicators.
  • Pair of ultra-bright dual LED lights
  • Variable speed trigger that can deliver from 0 to 3,400 RPM and 0 to 3,600 IPM


  • Priciest impact drivers on the list

2. MILWAUKEE M12 Fuel Surge Impact Driver Kit

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This Milwaukee M12 can drive each clasp like any 18-and 20-volt driver did, which incorporates ⅜ in. x 3-in. slack bolts, without a pilot opening. It might not be the assignment for this driver, yet in some way or another figure out how to finish your work.

It has two inches more limited than most drivers and a smaller head; this makes it incredible to utilize this in restricted spaces, which is moderately precarious with different drivers, and a LED element will include a cherry top to this astonishing power instrument. The best thing about this M12 is the simple to-utilize speed/mode selector, which is on the highest point of the gadget, with three staggering velocities and a self-tapping clasp mode. To put it plainly, The M12 Fuel is a project worker quality device that is worked to hold up to everyday use.


  • Light and Compact
  • One-handed chuck makes changing bits easy


  • Initially, tool balance felt different than others.


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You will require this prodigious instrument regardless of whether you are affixing long screws or extricating them, and the presence of the brushless engine will make this more dependable and tough. Besides, brushless engines likewise guarantee the most extreme productivity and less clamor.

This driver gives 1,495 in-lbs. of force, with a limit of 3,100 IPM and 2,700 RPM. This additionally empowers you to attach and separate screws and nuts effectively without applying a lot of strain on your apparatus. It likewise comprises a brilliant LED light, making it ideal for working in lofts, storm cellars, or dim studios. Its helpful battery charge pointer will tell you when the device should be charged.


  • Durable brushless motor
  • Bright LED illuminator that stays on several seconds after you release the trigger
  • Has a belt hook that enables you to keep it within reach while you work
  • LED battery indicator at the base of the tool.


  • Handle is more expansive than its predecessor
  • Hard to reach the trigger with small hands


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The BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit packs give as much as 1,375 in-lbs. of force. Nonetheless, this may not look as amazing as others on the rundown however convey a noteworthy presentation in screwing or extricating screws, fasteners, and nuts.

It is comprised of an ergonomic plan that will ensure that that administrator weariness won’t be a problem by any means. In any event, when the battery is joined, it weighs just 2.8 lbs. It likewise has a decent ergonomic handle with an enormous trigger that is exceptionally simple to reach.

This effect driver of Black and Decker gives its client a 2-year restricted guarantee to acquire trust. To put it plainly, this is to be sure a decent arrangement, particularly when you factor in the consideration of the 1.5Ah lithium-particle battery, screwdriver cycle, and charger


  • Even with the attached battery, the tool remains lightweight
  • LED light provides additional illumination to your work area
  • Delivers a maximum of 1,375 in-lbs. of torque
  • The battery pack and screwdriver bit are already included in the kit


  • The battery runs out of its juice faster compared to the battery of other impact drivers

5. Dewalt 20V MAX XR Impact Driver

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DeWalt’s 20V MAX XR is a splendid tool for heavy-duty works with 1,825 inch-pounds of force and huge 4.0Ah batteries and is very fit for driving enormous slack bolts. It comprises a straightforward, mechanical switch that can more readily coordinate with your work’s power by clicking between the three power settings.

Its one-hand throw worked dependably, and its touch changes went even without a hitch. Interestingly, it accompanies three LED lights that will save you from the issue of sitting tight for sunshine or any issue that may happen because of your visual perception issues.

Again in this apparatus, you don’t need to stress over any heartbreaking accidents as DeWalt allows a three-year restricted assurance on the driver with one-year free assistance in addition to three years free help on the battery.

You would be happy to realize that this unit can likewise be bought with 2.0Ah batteries for just $200.


  • Three LED lights to light up your workplace
  • Massive amount of torque


  • Batteries are heavy


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Up next we have a cordless impact driver from Craftsman. Driving and removing screws into thick and thin workpieces can be incredibly simple assuming you have this device. This impact driver has a rock-solid brushless engine that conveys as much as 1,500 in-lbs of max force. To put it plainly, this impact driver unit incorporates a 20V lithium-particle battery, charger, and delicate carry case for ease of use.

You need to genuinely think about this item assuming you need an impact driver, which is amazing and proficient as it can create a limit of 3,500 IPM and 2,800 RPM.

The lodging of this CMCF810C1 is very sturdy, and its handle is pleasantly finished to guard it in your hold while you work. It likewise includes a variable-speed trigger to have sensible command over the apparatus.


  • Contoured and slim handle
  • Built-in work light
  • Little lighter compared to others
  • Can drive more than 130 fasteners when fully charged
  • Heavy-duty brushless motor


  • No belt hook or magnetic bit holders on the unit


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 And now it’s time to assess this Impact driver of SKIL to check whether this fits up to your prerequisite or not. It has a powerful and uncompromising engine that raises to 1,100 in-lbs of max force, 2,500 RPM, and an effect pace of up to 3,200 IPM.

This impact driver accompanies a forward/switch LED pointer that is situated on top of the apparatus that is something that various models don’t have. It likewise has a decent, shaped handle and an easy-to-use variable speed trigger. Try not to stress over the cost as it is very affordable yet can be utilized in proficient settings, however, keep in mind that its battery life doesn’t keep going for extremely long hours. If you intend to utilize this in your place of work, you must have an extra battery so you can without much of a stretch keep working while the other’s connected to an outlet.


  • 2Ah 20V lithium-ion battery has a built-in temperature management system
  • Detachable belt hook
  • Built-in forward and reverse LED indicator on top
  • Built-in LED light at the base


  • Limited battery power


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Ryobi P1870 18V Impact Driver is an incredible engine that conveys as much as 1,500 in-lbs. of max force. Its durable 18V lithium-particle battery allows you to attach more screws and nuts during a solitary charge.

Indeed, even with the battery joined, this is one of the lightest impact drivers that you can find. Its trigger is not difficult to reach even the handle’s width, and the surface on the scoured over-shape is a great touch, as well.

The primary feature of this impact driver is the MagTray attractive holder. This will save you from the problem of keeping your screws securely; you can attach pieces, screws, and different latches here.

The main downside is, similar to another costly effect driver this one doesn’t have a LED light. This implies that you must have a brilliantly lit studio or great vision that will allow you to ignore this inconvenience without any problem.


  • Magnetic holder at the base
  • Durable cast aluminum gear housing.
  • Most affordable impact drivers in the market
  • The handle is covered in a textured rubber over-mold for a secure grip.


  • Does not include an LED 


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This impact driver comes from a new brand in the realm of the power apparatus. This impact driver of Galaxy Pro is a reasonable yet exceptionally appraised apparatus that includes an amazing engine that conveys as much as 100 Nm. Of max force and 3,000 IPM.

This is light in weight contrasted with others referenced in the rundown to handily fit it in corners and restricted spaces, which is truly challenging from a goliath apparatus. Other great helpful elements incorporate its variable speed setting choice, quick piece change, and rotational bearing switch situated on top of the trigger.

The handle is covered with finished and solid nylon so you can helpfully hold this in any event, for quite a while. You need to remember that you can’t utilize this for huge activities as it won’t give you the necessary outcome, so save this instrument for medium-obligation uses.


  • Most affordable impact driver
  • Belt hook allows you to keep it within reach while you are working
  • Bright LED light to illuminate the work surface
  • Contoured and textured handle
  • Comes with a two-year warranty


  • Only ideal for light jobs
  • The battery is only 1.3AH

10. Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Impact Driver

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Up next we have  Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Impact Driver which is a recent release of the company’s dark apparatuses. It is worked with a similar guarantee and similar nature to its green devices. The dark form strips a portion of the fundamentals progressed highlights that make it quite cost-friendly for a majority of customers out there. This crucial impact driver conveys similar force as its green partner and will most probably drive all types of bolts and fasteners, incorporating 4½ in.- long slack bolts.

This is likewise used to eliminate 5⁄16-in. grade-8 bolts twisted up to 40-foot pounds. The best thing is it gives the amazing guarantee that remembers a Lifetime for the actual driver, two years on the battery, and one year on the charger, to acquire the trust and make their place in this cutthroat climate.

So, Metabo’s cordless driver with Lithium-Ion is for sure an able instrument, with perhaps the best guarantee accessible.


  • Same quality/warranty as to the company’s green tools
  • Uses the same 18-volt batteries as its other tools


  • Missing some advanced features

How to Choose the Best Impact Driver

And now when you have completed your survey amongst the 10 best cordless impact drivers in 2021. It would be helpful to go through the factors that will help you recognize the best product for yourself.


This is the most crucial factor every purchaser should see while buying an impact driver. Torque is the measure of rotational energy generated by a power apparatus. At the point when you pick an impact driver, you ought to get a driver that delivers a great deal of force. It would be surprisingly better when combined with a high voltage battery to make that an ideal instrument assuming you need to utilize it for penetrating than ensure that it has high RPM. The abundance of everything is awful, as is the torque. Unreasonable force is a typical issue of an impact driver. It can harm string and strip or snapped heads, essentially assuming you will be using it in more modest and fragile latches.

Brushless VS Brushed Motor

Most impact drivers with brushed engines are reasonable and solid. The main issue with the brushed engine is that their carbon brushes in the long run wear out and need substitution. These brushed engines are exceptionally uncommon these days and have been supplanted by brushless engines. Brushless engines are more solid about execution and power. However they are costly yet can set aside your cash as long as possible, you don’t need to supplant the brushes more than once. Along these lines, select cautiously.

Belt Hook

At the point when you need to purchase an impact driver, ensure that it has a metal belt snare so you can keep your instrument inside your scope consistently. For the situation where you needn’t bother with the belt, and it’s simply an impulse, you can undoubtedly unscrew and eliminate it in any case, however you got to have that belt in both situations


Another most crucial element that you want to consider is the heaviness of that driver. Assuming you have a calm driver and your task requests you to drive more than 100 latches in one day, that will most presumably negatively affect your wrist or your arm. Along these lines, select the apparatus whose weight you can undoubtedly oversee. Make sure to think about the battery’s general load into the situation, as well, as numerous purchasers miss that point and are regularly tricked.

LED light

Indeed, most of the drivers have an inherent LED light. Your impact driver ought to likewise have this element as at times one needs to take care of his responsibilities in a dim space of their work environment, and you don’t need to trust that the daylight will continue your work. This LED light is without a doubt a lifesaver for people who have a helpless vision, which may be of extreme obstruction for them.

Last Thoughts

If you are considering buying an impact driver, then we would surely say that go for it as this tool can make your work straightforward, less time-consuming, and simple and what else would one wish for.

Just go through our guide of the 10 best cordless impact drivers in 2021 and you will hopefully be a committed impact driver that will serve you for years to come.

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