10 Best Cordless Impact Drivers Reviews 2021

Impact driver

DIYers and professional builders begin their tool collection with a standard drill. But as you raise up the standards of your projects, you would observe some things that an ordinary drill cannot deliver, such as driving long screws into very dense materials and removing stripped screws. 

Impact drivers are power tools that are engineered to drive longer fasteners into rigid materials and loosen smaller bolts and nuts. They are more expensive than any cordless drills, but if you continue to use dense materials, want a device that packs a punch, then the impact driver is a must-have tool. 

This guide will highlight some best impact drivers that you want to gift yourselves. We have done a detailed survey of each driver to find your suitable tool, and still, if you are dissatisfied with our collection, you can take help from our buyer’s guide to see if your selected I pact driver fits that criteria.

Please have a look at our list!!


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This is a fantastic cordless impact driver that can make the job of contractor and woodworker’s job very easy. No matter either you have to deal with long screws, drill bits, or lag screws, it can deliver the required torque and power that you need to get the job done. 

Generally, impact drivers are notoriously hard on the ears, but this Makita XDT131 brushless motor ensures that it is not only reliable and robust and reliable and also produces less noise. This excellent impact driver comes with an 18V 3Ah lithium-ion battery, a charger, and a fabric tool bag. 

Another impressive feature is its LED light that stays on several seconds after you let go of the trigger.


  • Consists of a durable and powerful brushless motor
  • The 3Ah battery and the charger have LED indicators.
  • Pair of ultra-bright dual LED lights
  • Variable speed trigger that can deliver from 0 to 3,400 RPM and 0 to 3,600 IPM


  • Priciest impact drivers on the list

2. MILWAUKEE M12 Fuel Surge Impact Driver Kit

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This Milwaukee M12 can drive every fastener like any 18- and 20-volt drivers did, which includes ⅜-in. x 3-in. lag bolts, without a pilot hole. We know that it is not the ideal task for this driver, but it somehow manages to get your job done.  

It has two inches shorter than most drivers and a compact head; this makes it great to use this in tight spaces, which is relatively tricky with other drivers, and a LED feature will add a cherry on top to this amazing power tool. The best thing about this M12 is the easy-to-use speed/mode selector, which is on the top of the device, with three incredible speeds and a self-tapping fastener mode. In short, The M12 Fuel is a contractor-quality tool that is built to hold up to daily use.


  • Light and Compact
  • One-handed chuck makes changing bits easy


  • Initially, tool balance felt different than others.


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You will need this fantastic tool no matter you are fastening long screws or extracting them, and the presence of the brushless motor will make this more reliable and durable. Moreover, brushless motors also ensure maximum efficiency and less noise. 

This impact driver gives 1,495 in-lbs. of torque, with a maximum of 3,100 IPM and 2,700 RPM. This also enables you to fasten and extract screws and nuts easily without exerting too much pressure on your tool. It also consists of a bright LED light, making it ideal for working in attics, basements, or poorly lit workshops. Its handy battery charge indicator will let you know when the tool needs to be charged.  

You really don’t have to worry as you can get it changed or repaired if dissatisfied with this tool.


  • durable brushless motor
  • bright LED illuminator that stays on several seconds after you release the trigger
  • has a belt hook that enables you to keep it within reach while you work
  • LED battery indicator at the base of the tool.


  • the handle is more expansive than its predecessor
  • hard to reach the trigger with small hands


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The BLACK+DECKER BDCI20C 20V MAX Impact Driver Kit packs give as much as 1,375 in-lbs. of torque. However, this may not look as powerful as others on the list but deliver an impressive performance in screwing or extracting screws, bolts, and nuts.

It is made up of ergonomic design that will make sure that that operator fatigue is not going to be a hassle at all. Even when the battery is attached, it weighs only 2.8 lbs. It also has a nice ergonomic handle with a large trigger that is very easy to reach. 

This impact driver of Black and Decker gives its customer a 2-year limited warranty to gain trust. In short, this is indeed a good deal, especially when you factor in the inclusion of the 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery, screwdriver bit, and charger


  • Even with the attached battery, the tool remains lightweight
  • LED light provides additional illumination to your work area
  • deliver a maximum of 1,375 in-lbs. of torque
  • The battery pack and screwdriver bit are already included in the kit


  • the battery runs out of its juice faster compared to the battery of other impact drivers

5. Dewalt 20V MAX XR Impact Driver

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DeWalt’s 20V MAX XR is a contractor-quality tool with 1,825 inch-pounds of torque and big 4.0Ah batteries and is quite capable of driving large lag bolts. It consists of a simple, mechanical switch that can better match your job’s power by clicking between the three power settings. 

Its one-hand chuck worked reliably, and its bit changes went even smoothly. The fantastic thing is that it comes with three LED lights that will save you from the hassle of waiting for daylight or any problem that might occur due to your eyesight issues. 

Again in this tool, you don’t have to worry about any unfortunate mishaps as DeWalt gives a three-year limited guarantee on the driver with one-year free service plus three years free service on the battery.

You would be glad to know that this kit can also be purchased with 2.0Ah batteries for only $200.


  • Three LED lights to light up your workplace
  • Massive amount of torque


  • Batteries are heavy


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Next on our list is an impact driver from Craftsman. Driving and extracting screws into thick and dense workpieces can be extremely easy if you have this tool. This impact driver has a heavy-duty brushless motor that delivers as much as 1,500 in-lbs of max torque. In short, this impact driver kit includes  20V lithium-ion battery, charger, and soft carry bag for your convenience. 

You have to seriously consider this product if you want an impact driver, which is powerful and efficient as it can produce a maximum of 3,500 IPM and 2,800 RPM. 

The housing of this CMCF810C1 is quite durable, and its handle is nicely textured to keep it safe in your grip while you work. It also features a variable-speed trigger to have reasonable control over the tool.  


  • contoured and slim handle
  • built-in work light
  • little lighter compared to others
  • can drive more than 130 fasteners when fully charged
  • heavy-duty brushless motor


  • no belt hook or magnetic bit holders on the unit


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Now let’s evaluate this impact driver of SKIL to see if this fits up to your requirement. It has an influential and heavy-duty motor that brings up to 1,100 in-lbs of max torque, 2,500 RPM, and an impact rate of up to 3,200 IPM. 

This impact driver comes with a forward/reverse LED indicator that is located on top of the tool that is something that other models don’t have. It also has a nice, contoured handle and an easy to reach variable-speed trigger.

Don’t worry about the price as it is very budget-friendly but still can be used in professional settings, but remember that its battery life doesn’t last very long. If you plan to use this on your job site, you have to have a spare battery so you can easily continue working while the other’s plugged into an outlet.


  • 2Ah 20V lithium-ion battery has a built-in temperature management system
  • detachable belt hook
  • built-in forward and reverse LED indicator on top
  • built-in LED light at the base


  • limited battery power


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Ryobi P1870 18V Impact Driver is a powerful motor that delivers as much as 1,500 in-lbs. of max torque. Its long-lasting 18V lithium-ion battery lets you fasten more screws and nuts during a single charge. 

Even with the battery attached, this is one of the lightest impact drivers that you can find. Its trigger is easy to reach even the handle’s width, and the texture on the rubbed over-mold is a nice touch, too. 

The main highlight of this impact driver is the MagTray magnetic holder. This will save you from the hassle of keeping your screws safely; you can place bits, screws, and other fasteners here. 

The only drawback is, like another expensive impact driver this one does not have an LED light. This means having a brightly lit workshop, or you have good eyesight will let you overlook this disadvantage easily.


  • magnetic holder at the base
  • durable cast aluminum gear housing.
  • most affordable impact drivers in the market
  • The handle is covered in a textured rubber over-mold for a secure grip.


  • Does not include an LED 


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Galaxy pro is a recent brand in the world of the power tool. This impact driver of Galaxy Pro is an affordable yet highly rated tool that features an impressive motor that delivers as much as 100 Nm. of max torque and 3,000 IPM. 

This is light in weight compared to others mentioned in the list to easily fit it in corners and tight spaces, which is very difficult from a giant tool.  Other impressive handy features include its variable speed setting option, rapid bit change, and rotational direction switch located on top of the trigger. 

The handle is covered with textured and durable nylon so that you can conveniently hold this even for a long time. You have to keep in mind that you cannot use this for big projects as it will not give you the required result, so keep this tool for medium-duty use only.


  • most affordable impact driver
  • belt hook allows you to keep it within reach while you are working
  • bright LED light to illuminate the work surface
  • contoured and textured handle
  • comes with a two-year warranty


  • only ideal for light jobs
  • the battery is only 1.3AH

10. Metabo HPT 18V Cordless Impact Driver

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This 18V impact driver is the company’s new line of the black tool. It is built with the same warranty and the same quality of its green tools. The black version strips some of the essentials advanced features that bring this tool’s price in the range of many customers. This fundamental impact driver delivers the same torque as its green counterpart and drove all the fasteners in our test well, including 4½-in.-long lag bolts.

This is also used to remove 5⁄16-in. grade-8 bolts torqued up to 40 foot-pounds. The best thing is it gives the incredible warranty that includes a Lifetime on the driver itself, two years on the battery, and one year on the charger, to gain the trust and make their place in this competitive environment. 

In short, Metabo’s cordless driver with Lithium-Ion is indeed a competent tool, with one of the best warranties available. 


  • Same quality/warranty as to the company’s green tools
  • Uses the same 18-volt batteries as its other tools


  • Missing some advanced features

Buying Guide for Impact Driver

As we have already mentioned, if you failed to find your impact driver from the list, we also have a comprehensive and helpful buying guide to analyze any driver on these factors.

So, we have listed down those critical factors and features which a buyer should consider seriously.  Considering these will let you select your tool and will make your decision process an easy task.

  • Torque

This is the first and foremost important factor that any buyer should see on impact driver’s box or manual. Torque is the amount of rotational generated by a power tool. When you choose an impact driver, you should get a driver that produces a lot of torque. It would be even better when coupled with a high voltage battery to make that a perfect tool if you have to use it for drilling, than make sure that it has high RPM.  Excess of everything is terrible, and so is the torque. Excessive torque is a common problem of an impact driver. It can damage thread and strip or snapped heads, primarily if you use smaller and delicate fasteners.

  • Brushless Vs. Brushed Motor

Impact drivers with brushed motors are inexpensive and reliable. The only issue with the brushed motor is that their carbon brushes eventually wear out by time and need replacement. These brushed motors are very rare nowadays and have been replaced by brushless motors. Brushless motors are more reliable when it comes to performance and power. Though they are expensive but can save your money for the long term, you don’t have to replace the brushes repeatedly. So, select carefully. 

  • Belt Hook

When you have to buy an impact driver, make sure that it has a metal belt hook so you can keep your tool within your reach always. In the case where you don’t need the belt, and it’s just a compulsion, you can easily unscrew and remove it anyway, but you got to have that belt in both cases. 

  • Weight

Another most vital feature that you need to consider is the weight of that driver. If you have a sober driver and your project demands you to drive more than a hundred fasteners in one day, that will most probably take its toll on your wrist or your arm. So, select the tool whose weight you can easily manage. Remember to consider the battery’s overall weight into the equation, too, as many buyers miss that point and often fooled.

  • LED light

Well, the majority of the drivers have a built-in LED light. Your impact driver should also have this feature as sometimes one has to do his work in a poorly lit area of their workplace, and you don’t have to wait for the sunlight to resume your work. This LED light is indeed a plus point for those who have poor eyesight, which might be very helpful for them.

Last Thoughts

A dedicated impact driver will make your job a lot easier. They are perfect for building decks, installing tile backer boards, or any other job requiring driving long screws into wood. This all will make these drivers a must-have tool for your convenience.

Please go through our guide thoroughly to get fully equipped with all the necessary details of impact drivers and select the one that suits you the best as a plethora of options in the market might not let you make a wrong choice.

Happy Shopping!! 

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